Chatham-Kent Artist Project

I Love the idea of adding same colour into outdoor(and indoor) spaces, I has spent a lot of time over the last few years considering getting into mural painting and have many ideas and would love to be a part of some kind of team to improve the day to day lives of the people who live in Chatham-Kent. most importantly I would like to see work that would bring awareness to and honour people of Chatham-Kent including military personal, and the indigenous community.

I also think it would be inspiring to have some murals of local sports icons like Doug Anakin bobsled olympic gold medal winner and Fergie Jenkins.

On the note of positivity day, I was in Nashville last winter and saw lots of murals in the area, very colorful and a lot with upbeat quotes and sayings, the residents of Nashville had a lot of pride in the way there city looked.

if you are familiar with Montreal, you may have seen some of their incredible outdoor art spaces, every year they do whats called Mural Festival, link here .

I have a huge passion for art and absolutely love CK and the people in it, I plan to live here my whole life as I continue my art career, my medium is watercolor painting and I have no experience in painting murals, but I have many contacts of professionals who have done amazing mural work and I have the ability to buy the best quality supplies. I don’t expect to do this for nothing, but my living expenses are very very low and I am just starting my art career out and am spending two evenings a week teaching painting classes which pays the bills. I have plenty of time to dedicate to this project and am not looking to make an arm and a leg off of any of this, I just love this city and love bringing colour to life.

below are a few of my local paintings.