Commission a Watercolor

Working together with a client to create a custom commission is one of my favorite aspects of being an artist.  The process is simple and usually involves the following steps.

1.  You let me know what you have in mind - size, subject matter, color preference, custom features,  any images you have, ect.

2.  I'll do a pencil sketch or two for your input.  Sometimes the first sketch is exactly what you want and sometime it takes two or three sketches.  The idea here is to  work closely together with you to create just the right piece.  Your input is very important to me.

3.  Once the sketch is approved, and the size and price agreed upon, you put a deposit down for 50% down and I get started.  I'll let you know how long the piece will take to paint.

4.  Once the commission is complete, I will ship it off.  You are responsible for your own framing; that way you get exactly the kind of frame that fits best for your space.

Below are a few examples of finished pieces.

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